About us

House "Under the Stork's Nest"

Our Ecological Farm is located in the village Wiącka, 9 kilometres away from Bodzentyn, on the north of Świętokrzyskie Mountains among picturesque landscape.

The stork’s nest above the house is a signpost of our farm which is a perfect place to relax with children or own pets.

Anyone who needs: breathing space, some relax, a little escape from everyday life, solace in the silence, to be in heaven, the space of fields and wavy meadows, misty mornings, view of the hills and forests in the setting sun, hiking Świętokrzyskie Mountains trails flying witches, ... (and even more) will find it at the House "Under the Stork’s Nest".

Here you can meet nice and interesting people.

Happy and joyful kids, associating with nature, eat and grow. There are different animals in the farm, the flowers in the garden, fruits in the orchard. You can have unkempt hair. You will have the opportunity to taste marigolds in a pot on the porch or fresh milk in the morning, enjoy bonfires at the night. There are delicious meals every day for all guests...

You are always welcome!